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Class Schedule
18 September 2018


September 18
Lecture — “The Information”
Exercise — Telephone games
Exercise — are.na

September 25
Assignment 1
Project introduction and review of class tools
Exercise — Circular reading
Reading — The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood

October 2
Assignment 1 ends
Project review, in-class critique
Lecture — “Elliptical Thinking”
Reading — “Elliptical Thinking,” from The Serving Library

October 9
Assignment 2
Project introduction
Field trip, Princeton University Art Museum, Albrecht Dürer multiple prints with Veronica White
Reading — On the Just Shaping of Letters, Albrecht Dürer

October 16
Assignment 2 continues
Project review, in-class critique
Lecture — “A Happy Octopus”
Reading — “A Happy Octopus,” Phylis and Philip Morrison

October 23
Assignment 2 ends
Project review, in-class critique
Guest artist, Shannon Ebner

October 30
Fall break, no class

November 6
Assignment 2 continues
Project introduction
Lecture — "The Next NeXT Logo”
Reading — “A Design Miscellany,” Paul Rand

November 13
Assignment 3 continues
Guest designer, Mark Owens, “Hauntology”
Exercise — “Hauntology”
Reading — “Pure Data,” Mark Owens

November 20
Assignment 3 continues
Lecture — “A Live Archive”
Reading — “AWorld inThreeAisles,” Gideon Lewis-Kraus, “The Cobweb,” Jill Lepore

November 27
Assignment 3 continues
Project review, in-class critique
Demonstration — The Medium is the Massage
Reading — “Massaging the Message,” Ellen Lupton, Abbott Miller

December 4
Assignment 3 continues
Individual meetings and class discussion
Lecture — “I‘ll be your interface.*”
Reading — “The Life and Death of Media,” Bruce Sterling

December 11
Assignment 3 ends
Final review

January 7
Final portfolio due by 1:30 pm


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