Assignment 2, We have no art

Design a 22 × 34 inch poster with Corita Kent's repeated words: "We have no art, we do everything as well as we can."

This is a project about scale, but also a project about looking and paying attention. You will use exclusively your own photographs for this project. You may take these photos under any conditions and in any location you choose, but you may not use any found photography or any additional material.

Week 1: Go outside. Bring your phone (well, of course). It helps to choose somewhere with lots of writing in the form of signs, posters, flyers, etc. Maybe a grocery store, or Nassau Street, or perhaps Frist. Anyway, go there and stay for at least 45 minutes. Pay attention. And take photographs. What changes in the space? What did you notice after a while, what did you first notice?
Week 2: Prepare a full-size printed mockup of your poster. You can print it out in color and assemble the poster at full size from 4 tabloid sheets. Be prepared to speak about your work. 
Weeks 3: Based on feedback from week 2, prepare a final poster. Again, print it, although this time on the large-format printer. We will have a final crit in class.

You should use your looking session in Week 1 to help guide your choices. This should be a time to really pay close attention. You may augment these photographs with an additional looking session at another location. This may at first feel like a constraint ...