What is this *thing*?

Looks like it’s made of stainless steel (or possibly aluminum). There are graphics scratched into its service. The one on the left looks like writing — I can't read what it says. On the right is a vector field of arrows, collectively pointing somewhere, and also back to themselves. There are a pair of knobs, though they seem to be missing the “knob” part. Surrounding the knobs are four registration marks, which I suppose indicates they might be used to adjust the state of this box. I also see a button top left, and a USB-C port on the base.
A bit more forensic research turns up a file name for the image, and which I'm going to guess is the name of the project (Dawn Controller):

This is a piece of Bryant Wells’ work. Much of it traffics in local networks of distribution, in radio signals, and interruptions of the smooth flows of electronic communication. His work is perhaps enigmatic. It is certainly particular.
Bryant Wells is a designer in New York, NY, working independently and in collaboration with artists, writers, musicians, and institutions on websites, publications, identities and objects. In 2020, Bryant graduated from the Yale School of Art MFA program with a focus in graphic design.
Today he will join us and share some more around what he does as an independent designer finding his way with a constellation of references, a distinctive form language, and a specific body of work. Maybe he’ll even tell us what that scratched-up metal box is.
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March 28, 2023
From Within the Surround


Short interview

Carolyn Li-Madeo